You know what? I present Islamic Republic Of Pakistan to you on a very very fair price. You would find lots of incentives apart from the land and its 160 million people. Its really easy to do with it whatever you like to. Either you want to blackout media who is projecting your fair picture or lockdown transparent judicial system. Its that easy as it was never before.. All you have to do is to press the emergency button and a whole new police cum army would pop out to establish your so called ‘rit’. Why would you want to ask 16 crore people han? you know better whats the country interest is. Right naa? So hurry if you are interested.

call: 0900-musharraf-is-a-son-of-a-bitch

The person calls the first would be given the opportunity to address the pakistani nation as well and describe that Pakistan is on the brink of disaster, now that i’ve bought your grate country.. “everything would be back to normal”

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