Today we had a project presentation of Data comm.. And we presented we didnt know ourselves.. lol The presentation took hardly 4 minutes in which Shahab started up with basic networking hardware description..

Shahab: “We are here to present widescale lan.. next.. A server is the computer which accepts request… next.. Links are the connections between certain networking hardware.. next..”

then after,

Sarmad: “So this is the basic block.. next.. it is showing applications that we specified and the profiles.. next.. this is the simulation.. next.. ”

Ammar: “we are suggesting ip based switches.. next.. this would help in trouble shooting.. next”

Overall our presentation was better if not best… It was more shughal than a sophisticated presentation we had in semester 1 and 2. and ya.. onething i forgot to mention is waqas’s “As ali says”.. hahahahahahaha. Fazal’s presentation was very unique.. demonstrating a network protocol as compared to others who were simulating LAN most of the time. Mujtaba had a hardtime just because he arrived late.. he worked hard on the presentation template and style though..

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