Sometimes i do get crazy.. day before yesterday.. i was busy debating with Faisal on Tom Cruise personality while scraping at Orkut. I was just browsing around videos at youtube as well and came around PSP un boxing video.. bas ! i got mad to get this shit.. the next day i-e yesterday when i woke up at 1:45pm.. the first thing i did was sms Faisal to come with me to go to Hayatabad market to ask the prices only.

I had 10,000 with myself with no intension of buying one.. but when we reached SS Plaza to Naveed (a friend of Faisal deals in Xbox 360, PS2, PSP’s, Nintendo Wii etc) and he showed us a PSP, i couldnt resist buying it. To be short, i came home with a Black PSP box, a UMD of Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter, a 2GB memory card and a USB cable which got power cable built into it. All this cost me PKR 13200 to be precise or around $220. Thats hell of a amount for a person who hasnt been into console gaming for years. By the time i speak, i already finished the UMD game title 80%.. lol.


One thing thats worth mentioning is the PSP Girl.. :mrgreen: Actually, when we drive into SS Plaza, Faisal (the most flirt guy you would ever see) pointed out a fit girl shopping with her mom (most probably.. :-D ) She was kinda.. ahem ahem.. cute. Faisal forgot that we were here to buy a PSP instead of watching her like 8-O He simply left me in Naveed’s store and went after her but came back quickly as i was pulling him up hard.. Anyways Faisal failed to get a new friend just coz of my PSP.. :-)

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