Its long since I posted myself here on the blog. Most of the time posts were automatically seeded from twitter (which I am getting pretty found of). So here the real one. Last few months have gone busy as hell. Getting driving lessons (seems ridiculous for a guy who has been driving for more than 3 years) But Dubai is a place where government won’t let you get away with even a dime, without receiving some good bills. So boy, I am taking those bullshit 40 classes from Emirates Driving Institute. Cleared preliminary tests of parking and signal, hope it gets good with assessments and final road test.

Virtually losing every single penny earned from adsense, seems I have to start over again. If anybody looked into About Me page, they must’ve got that now I am on real job now. Its one of those jobs which I ever dreamed of. Web programming ! Web programming ! Web programming ! thats what I am into. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal the company’s name, since I don’t wanna get that hit up google indexes. Loads to talk but its already late and I am feeling a bit bore to type in here. God Bless you all !

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